Many fans are trying to make the field of aquarium fish collection they look beautiful and attractive. Complementary norm for fish in aquarium fish fans will back choose city @ pleco. Fish city has a certain characteristic features that cause aquarium owners want to have it, the character who likes to make things yourself and not bother other fish. Cause it suitable for mixing with the majority of fish. Also looks like reefs that make it interesting if reared in an aquarium landscape. But defense pleko fish in an aquarium with no decoration / semi-ornamental make her unattractive conditions. Great defense pleko fish will also make the aquarium look unattractive and ugly because of its color and its more aggressive to find food.

Some of most common types of fish.
Actually there are many alternatives to fish pleko fish that can be selected by aquarium enthusiasts. Among them are fish Loach. Shy character in Loach fish cause the fish to be a unique community in your aquarium. Refer to post Loach. Among Loach looks more attractive with a more unique is Tiger hillstreem laoch.

Can also be selected as a side fish are fish catfish. Selection of fish species unique paint make your aquarium more attractive and unique.

Good luck ...!!

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